Recent Before & After Photos

Tile Cleaning in Bartlesville

A homeowner recently bought a house which flooded after a heavy rain. The kitchen tile and grout lines were covered in a thick layer of mud. He want to see if w... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Dewey, OK

This air duct cleaning is an example of what can happen when you don't routinely clean your ductwork. This ductwork had not been cleaned in over 50 years, allow... READ MORE

Early Morning Water Damage in Dewey, OK

SERVPRO of Bartlesville/Miami received a frantic call at 3 AM from a desperate homeowner who had woken up to find their entire house covered in one to two inche... READ MORE

Fire damage cleanup in Bartlesville, OK

This Fire was caused by a fan in the dining room. You can see the burnt spot in the floor and soot on the walls. We removed carpet and cleaned floor and walls... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Miami, OK

This flooded basement in Miami, Oklahoma was the result of a broken toilet supply line on the main floor of the house. The homeowner was out of town for several... READ MORE

Cleaning Commercial Carpets in Bartlesville, OK

SERVPRO of Bartlesville/Miami received a desperate call from a local hotel general manager concerned about blood-stained carpet in one of their rooms. One of th... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

SERVPRO received a desperate phone call from a home owner in Bartlesville, Oklahoma who had sewage backup onto their patio rock floor. SERVPRO dispatched a crew... READ MORE

Soiled Carpet

This carpet was located at a house in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. SERVPRO technicians used our Showcase carpet cleaning method to restore the carpet. The homeowner ... READ MORE

Trauma Cleanup in Ketchum, OK

You would never know it to look at this room, but unfortunately this was the scene of a suicide. SERVPRO of Bartlesville/Miami has the equipment, expertise, an... READ MORE

Cleaning Upholstery

SERVPRO received a frantic phone call from a homeowner in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She was desperate to have her soiled loveseat cleaned. SERVPRO dispatched our ... READ MORE